ARLO Freedom Bath

Freedom bath is designed for residents who are able to access the tub independently or with support using a walking aid or standing and raising equipment.

Freedom features a distinctive, electrically-powered Roll-Door that rolls down to allow residents to enter and exit the tub. The tub has a raised, contoured base that serves as a seat for the resident to remain while in the bath.

Once the resident is securely seated in the tub, the Roll-Door rolls up so the tub can be filled with water.

Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates tub access without additional bath lifter.
  • The distinctive Roll-Door can be raised or lowered electrically. When lowered, it retracts into the base of the tub, creating wide access for entering and exiting the tub.
  • The bath is designed with a contoured base that serves as a seat, while the tub is equipped with a control panel, shower wand with holder, mixer valve, and a grip handle for additional support.
  • Enhance the bathing experience with optional Air Spa therapy, a system which creates tiny bubbles in the water to create a gentle massaging effect.
  • Designed for patients and residents with mobility levels A to C.


Weight and dimensions Value
Max safe working load (SWL) kg 550 kg
Max safe working load (SWL) lb 1213 lb
Maximum patient weight kg 160 kg
Maximum patient weight lb 353 lb
Total weight kg 140 kg
Total weight lb 308 lb
Total length mm 1510 mm
Total length in 59,5 in
Total width mm 760 mm
Total width in 29,75 in
Min height from tub rim mm 1045 mm
Min height from tub rim in 41,15 in
Water consumption L 320 L
Water consumption Gal 84 Gal
Maximum static water pressure 6 bar
Minimum operating pressure 1 bar